Kilwa: Usanifu Majengo Endelevu

Kilwa: Usanifu Manjengo EndelevuSANCHEZ MUNOZ, Nuria, MORISET, Sébastien, 2016. Kilwa: Usanifu Majengo Endelevu. Villefontaine : CRAterre. 64 p.

Ce document en swahili a pour objectif de fournir des idées et des recommandations à quiconque projetant de construire dans la région de Kilwa Masoko (propriétaires de maisons privées, propriétaires d’hôtels, investisseurs…). En outre, ce document est une aide pour les futures réglementations urbaines et paysagères afin de garantir l’authenticité du site du Patrimoine Mondial.

This document aims to provide ideas and recommendations to anyone planning to build in Kilwa Masoko (private house owners, hotel owners, investors…). Furthermore, the document intends to provide useful inputs for future Urban and Landscape regulations for Kilwa Kisiwani Island, to ensure that the authenticity of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is preserved. The culture of Kilwa can provide very interesting lessons for sustainable development of the region, promoting its local economy while preserving its environment. Kilwa Masoko and the other small towns in the District are growing fast, but are evolving without Master Plans to control land use and regulate architecture. New building styles will emerge in the landscape, affecting their overall character of the region. But the level of authenticity and integrity remains very high in most towns and villages. It is not too late to regulate urban development to maintain this character and authenticity. We can still draw inspiration from various traditional practices to promote a sustainable way of living. This resource should be considered as a basis to develop urban development policy. The recommendations presented at the end of the document are intended to serve the collective interests of Kilwa inhabitants. The will of a particular person should not interfere with the common interests of the whole community. A good house should make the life of its inhabitants easier, not only as an efficient shelter, but also as an asset which is easy to manage in the cultural, environmental and economic context. Understanding and respecting the values that shaped the local architecture is a way to keep the spirit of the ancestors alive. As a consequence, the landscape will preserve its authenticity and impact positively on visitors’ experience, and therefore on the local economy. In order to preserve the true Kilwa spirit, the next pages present some of the features that make Kilwa Masoko beautiful, unique and valuable.


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