Rehabilitation project in Panay and construction of a student dormitory, Cuartero and Tapaz, Panay Island, Philippines

Rehabilitation project in Panay and construction of a student dormitory, Cuartero and Tapaz, Panay Island, Philippines. [s.l.] : PCDR, Caritas Luxembourg, CRAterre, 2017.

This guide consists of a training kit related to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) for shelter. It is important to note that it was designed along with a DRR Training of Trainers (ToT) guide and a Technical Guide. All documents are complementary and should be taken as a whole.

This “DRR shelter – training kit” aims at being a tool in the field of the housing and DRR sector. It can actually be used in the framework of DRR campaigns, protection of local resources’ campaigns and for rural housing improvement, repairs and new construction activities or projects.
It was built up during two reconstruction projects in the aftermath of the super typhoon Haiyan and was designed along with a technical guide. Both projects were set up in Panay Island in the Philippines:
1. Shelter and livelihood improvement project for the indigenous communities of Aklan. Project in partnership with the DSAC of Kalibo,SC/CF (Secours Catholique – Caritas France) and Caritas Belgium, 2014-2017.
2. Technical assistance to the Caritas Luxembourg / PCDR (Panay Centre for Disaster Response) rehabilitation project in Panay and construction of a student dormitory in Tapaz, 2015-2017.

The training kit is designed to be used by trainers trained to this specific activity with various backgrounds, either with social or technical profile: engineer, architect, technician, community mobilizer, people organization (PO), etc. Note that a training of trainers’ pedagogical guide has been also built up through those projects.

The main objectives of the DRR shelter training is to:
– Raise awareness on the potential of local architecture (M1)
– Raise awareness on the interest of protecting local resources (M2)
– Develop DRR knowledge on how to improve sturdiness of the buildings by simple and economic ways (M3)
Structure of the training guide

The DRR Shelter – Training kit includes:
o “picture sheets” that are the one to be shown to the participants;
o “text sheets” that are a support for the trainers to guide the discussions.

Please note:
• This training kit has been designed for the specific context of the Municipalities of Cuartero (Capiz) and Libacao (Aklan) in Panay Island in the Philippines, even if it includes some messages and principles that are replicable in other parts of the country. Therefore, in order to reach properly the training’s objective, those messages and technical principles should be revised and adapted to any specific context where the awareness campaign will be disseminated.
• If you are stranger to the approach promoted in this guide and are interested in it, this guide may not provide you with all the necessary information. In this case, get closer to the people and organizations that fully master the concepts proposed, so that they can advise you usefully.

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