Bangladesh: local building cultures for sustainable and resilient habitats – COMING SOON

CRAterre and several of its partners have been working for a number of years to develop and disseminate a method of identifying and promoting local building cultures so that, where appropriate, they can be valorized and possibly revisited (reverse – engineering process) in housing / reconstruction / DRR projects.

This document on Bengladesh is a new step of this research framework. It presents baseline data on a variety of local building cultures and socio-cultural resilience strategies that might be useful to consider for projects in this country which is highly prone to natural hazards.

The goal is to help all stakeholders to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the local low-cost building sector though would advantageously need to be complemented by field so as to get more in-depth knowledge of the specificities of the targeted context.


Excerpt from the book







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