Cultural heritage and local development, A guide for African Local Governments


Auteur(s) : Christian Barillet, Thierry Joffroy, Isabelle Longuet, Arianna Ardesi, Hamady Bocoum, Yves Dauge, Lazare Eloundouassomo, Jean Pierre Elongmbassi, Alain Godonou, Alain Morel, Bakonirina Rakotomamonjy
Collaborateur(s) : Leticia Delboy, Arnaud Misse, Jean-Marie Le Tiec
Pays : Afrique du sud, Burkina Faso, Bénin, Cameroun, Gambie, Ghana, Mali, Namibie, Nigeria, Tanzanie, Zimbabwe
Résumé :
ALL CIVILIZATIONS, SOME OF THEM PRESTIGIOUS, that existed throughout the African continent, have left many legacies to today’s world. From manufacturing techniques to urban planning methods, Africans knew how to creatively exploit natural resources in their quest for survival, in sometimes difficult environments, even in contexts of forced migration. This inventiveness produced interesting results in a variety of areas such as medicine preparation, furniture making, household objects and objects of worship as well as the making of clothing. The originality of Africans is also expressed in their understanding and management of their natural territorial resources, organizing the habitat, conceiving rich and diverse architectures and finally establishing relationships and resolving conflicts between communities or ethnic groups.

Par CRATerre-ENSAG et  la Convention France-UNESCO, 2006, 112 pages, en Anglais. Existe aussi en version française.

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