Earth Architecture in Uganda, Pilot project in Busheny, 2002-2004

Earth architecture Uganda

Auteur(s) : CRAterre-ENSAG
Pays : Ouganda
Résumé :
For instance, in African mythologies, natural elements are associated with gods and divinities and settling in a place require making a pact with the spirit(s) of the place. How could any community prosper within its natural environment without ensuring that its components would also have their own chance to survive? The gods would immediately make you know in their own way. Therefore, consciously or unconsciously, most of the communities were perfectly aware that they could not stay long in a place if they would not ensure that their environment could regenerate. Isn’t that concept what we would call today Sustainable Development?

Par CRATerre-ENSAG, 2005, 36 pages, en Anglais.

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