Compressed earth blocks: testing procedures

BOUBEKEUR, Sid (dir.), RIGASSI, Vincent (dir.), MESBAH, Ali, MOREL, Jean Claude, HOUBEN, Hugo, CARAZAS, Wilfredo, DUGELAY, S., DOULINE, Alexandre, EL GHARBI, Z., JOFFROY, Thierry, MOLES, Olivier, MORISET, Sébastien, 2000. Compressed earth blocks: testing procedures. Bruxelles : CDE, ENTPE, CRATerre-EAG. 121 p. ISBN 2-906901-28-8.



This guide describes the testing procedures necessary to fully understand and assess the quality of products (from raw material to product performance classification), in particular to verify compliance with standards (see CDI Guide No. series).



This volume of CDE Guides is a joint publication CDE, ENTPE and CRATerre-EAG.
Reproduction authorised subject to the source being acknowledged, except for commercial proposes.
Attribution – Non commercial – No Derivs


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