Building with earth

DOAT, Patrice, HAYS, Alain, HOUBEN, Hugo, MATUK, Sylvia, VITOUX, François, 1991. Building with earth. New Delhi : The Mud Village Society. 284 p.



In trying to ‘catch up with the West’ many developing countries including those in Asia have imported inappropriate, energy-intensive, capital-intensive and anti-ecological technologies, the most notable are being our modern hi-tech construction industry. In this process local resources and local systems of knowledge-cum-pratise underwent a systematic degradation and erasure. Natural renewable resources like mud faced this attack espacially in the Industrial Age and earth construction became virtural taboo… with it Asian countries lost their heritage.

Building with Earth not only explodes the myths about this natural material but shows the way of the hows and whys that go in this construction process. It spans different continents and time-frames right upto contemporary times. A versatile, lucidly written, prolifically-illustrated and well-circulated book that is authored by five professionals from CRATerre, the International Centre for Earth Construction in France. This 300 page book addresses itself both to technical and non technocal persons.

The Mud Village Society, New Delhi, India brings forward the first English Edition of Building With Earth to its readers in the developong countries of South Asia.



Also available in French :


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