Disaster resistant building cultures: the ways forward?

SAMIN, Etienne (ed.), GUILLAUD, Hubert, JOFFROY, Thierry, GARNIER, Philippe, MOLES, Olivier, POURSOULIS, Georgia, GENIS, Léa, CORBA BARRETO, Mauricio, 2014. Disaster resistant building cultures: the ways forward? Proceedings – scientific seminar / May 27-28, 2013. Grenoble : CRAterre, AE&CC. 183 p.



The idea was first to set up an inventory work of researches and of researchers who were interested in this topic and who are still interested in it, to probe the reasons why they were interested and the finality of their work, to spot out the trends, constraints, wants and needs in order to map out future research orientations. After defining the lines along which our work and methodology will be carried out, we set out to explore our internal resources by consulting the existing bibliography, setting up fairly exhaustive bibliographical lists, identifying networks, organizations, persons of note or likely to be interested in this problematic, and, along the way, by defining the contours of a future database on this topic.This initial work was brought to an end with the organization of a seminar of reflection and exchanges which was held at ENSAG on May 27- 29 2013, whose aim was to finalize and publish suggestions of research orientations on disaster resistant building cultures. The outcome of this seminar is consigned in the proceedings which constitute our present publication. It compiles the working groups’ syntheses and the papers proposed by all the contributors. All the digital appendices are compiled in a file joined to the present document in order to provide an easy access to all the elements of knowledge given and shared during these few days (powerpoints and short movies presented, audio recordings, group pictures).


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AE&CC (2021, 2 avril). Disaster resistant building cultures: the ways forward? CRAterre. Consulté le 15 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/naiw

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