Centre for Earth Construction Technology, CECTech

OGUNSUSI, Valentine, KOLAWOLE, Peter, GUILLAUD, Hubert, JOFFROY, Thierry, 1994. Centre for Earth Construction Technology, CECTech. Jos : Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Section for Development and Scientific, Technical and Educative Cooperation Cultural, Scientific and Cooperation Section of the French Embassy, CRATerre. 39 p.



In the last thirty years, the National Commission For Museums ans Monuments in Nigeria has developed a knowledge and experience in the area of tradtional construction in Nigeria and particularly on the use of soil as a first hand material for modern constructions. The work achieved on a daily basis by the N.C.M.M. on the preservation of heritage built with Nigerian soil is directly linked to the need for improvement of the national housing reserve. As a result of the economic crisis wich the country has been faced with for the last ten years as well as a high shortage of housing at the national level, the N.C.M.M. launched a programme whose objectives was to explore and develop earth construction and its economic potentialities with a view to finding solutions – amongst others – which would reduce this dramatic shortage. Having identified advantageous technologies which vere beneficial at the technical, economic and cultural levels, the N.C.M.M. decided to establish a Center for Earth Construction Technology, CECTech in Jos, Plateau State. This center was established with collaboration of the French Government, on the basis of a cooperation agreement with Cultural, Scientific and Cooperation Section of the Embassy of France in Nigeria. The CECTech of Jos expects to be part of the National Policy on Housing decreed in 1991 whose objectives is to provide housing for all by the year 2000.


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