TERRAEducation 2010 : proceedings of the seminar – workshop, summary of works


Auteur(s) : Under the direction of Hubert Guillaud

TerraEducation 2010 was held at the National Superior School of Architecture of Grenoble (ENSAG) from May 24 to 29, 2010, and was organized by CRAterre‐ENSAG and the UNESCO Chair “Earthen Architecture, Construction Cultures and Sustainable Development”, in collaboration with the Great Workshops of l’Isle d’Abeau. This seminar brought together 41 participants from 4 continents ‐ Africa, America, Asia and Europe ‐ and 22 countries.The international scientific and academic community invested in earthen architecture education (higher education and vocational training) was invited to share and analyze experiences in the field.

The seminar aimed to better assess the strengths and weaknesses of activities in the field that have been developed in recent years and to point out the blockages, bottlenecks and deficiencies that should be overcome in the future. It also aimed at evaluating new opportunities for the improvement and spreading of educational activities, with a better international coordination, while facilitating collective thinking and prospecting.

Par CRAterre-ENSAG, 2010, 57 pages, en Anglais.

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