Wattle & Daub: Anti-seismic construction Handbook


Auteur(s) : CARAZAS AEDO, Wilfredo ; RIVERO OLMOS, Alba
Coordination scientifique : CRATerre-EAG
Pays : Salvador

The aim of this construction handbook is to provide theoretical and technical support for use by building engineers, construction workers and all those who decide to build their own house.
The handbook is divided into three main parts:
1 – Earthquakes: how they origin, how they affect houses and a definition of anti-seismic houses.
2 – Raw materials: all the main raw materials used to build wattle and daub constructions (wood, bamboo or similar materials and earth).
3 – Anti-seismic construction: the design, implementation and different stages of construction.
Furthermore, an appendix is included with details of the “La Semilla: Wattle & Daub – Ceren” project and its development.

Par CRATerre, avec le financement de MISEREOR, 2003, 28 pages, en Anglais. Existe en version française et espagnole.

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