Pathways Home – Guidance for Supporting Shelter Self-Recovery

SCHMÖLZER, Cecilia, FLINN, Bill, MOLINA METZGER, Sonia, WEINSTEIN SHEFFIELD, Emma, SIMONS, Beth, WEBB, Susannah, DEJEANT, Florie, 2022. Pathways Home – Guidance for Supporting Shelter Self-Recovery. Geneva: Global Shelter Cluster. 142 p.



The aim of Pathways Home (referred to throughout as the Guidance) is to describe and explore the concept of supporting shelter self-recovery, and provide practical guidance on how to accompany and support the process in post-disaster and post-conflict contexts. It represents the first attempt to outline the rationale, building blocks and key concepts of self-recovery. Drawing from shelter programming experience and suggested best practice, the Guidance aims to inform the design of programmes that support shelter self-recovery to help build a common body of knowledge.


While the overarching principles of a self-recovery approach have value in most contexts, not all aspects of this guidance will be applicable in protracted displacement contexts, for example, due to factors that influence people’s ability to drive and manage their own recovery – such as the legal right to work, access to services and security of tenure.


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