Detailed shelter response profile Somalia: local building cultures for sustainable and resilient habitats

SEVILLANO GUTIERREZ, Enrique, 2023. Detailed shelter response profile Somalia: local building cultures for sustainable and resilient habitats. Villefontaine : CRAterre. 71 p.



This publication is part of the series of documents “Local Building Cultures for sustainable and resilient habitats” that was launched in 2016. Several documents have been produced after a disaster (Fiji, Ecuador, Haiti) or before a disaster strikes as a preparedness tool (Bangladesh, Tonga, Malawi, Nepal). Most profiles have been elaborated for situations of both protracted crises and disaster contexts (Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Yemen, Venezuela, Somalia, North-West Syria…).

This Profile was produced from September 2022 to January 2023. The process was codirected by CRAterre and Somalia Shelter Cluster and more than 20 people representing almost 20 Somali-based organizations have contributed to the process. Apart from local contributions, a dedicated literature review of more than 40 documents (see Sources consulted to produce this document) was achieved. The profile has been revised by several international and Somali experts and shelter and housing actors in Somalia. This document summarizes and disseminates strengths of local building cultures, including a variety of hazard-resistant practices; considerations about disaster prevention, risk reduction and mitigation measures; environmental impacts; knowledge and experience developed by local communities; etc. These aspects have been identified, analyzed and many of them validated over the years.



Global Shelter Cluster, Shelter Cluster Somalia, CRAterre, LabEx AE&CC / ENSAG / Université Grenoble-Alpes, UNHCR, IOM.


Other institutions and organizations in Somalia:

AJJRO / AMARD / APPED / AVORD / AYUUB / DRC / HAPEN / HINNA / IRDO / Juba Foundation / LRDO / Mercy Corps / NRC / SASDO / SEA / SHO / SOYVA / WARDO.


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