Detailed shelter response profile Syria northwest: local building cultures for sustainable and resilient habitats

FERREIRA MENDES, Miguel, 2023. Detailed shelter response profile Syria northwest: local building cultures for sustainable and resilient habitats. Villefontaine : CRAterre. 84 p.



This document introduces reference data on local building cultures and sociocultural strategies that result in people’s resilience. It also provides evaluation criteria that can help in elaborating locally adapted project- strategies. Context and details differ from place to place, and stakeholders benefit from the collected data to make comprehensive and accurate decisions. Thus, SRPs should not be considered exhaustive. They are a first level of information that needs to be deepened through field analysis of the specific intervention context. It remains essential to organize field surveys that will allow exchanges with local actors and inhabitants on the constraints and potentials of territories in terms of access to land, lifestyles, material and human resources, practices, knowledge, and construction capacities.

This Shelter Response Profile was produced from September 2022 to April 2023. The process was coordinated by CRAterre and Northwest Syria – Turkey Hub Shelter Cluster, with several Syrian/X-border-based organisations having contributed to the process. Besides those contributions, documentary research was undertaken, with a dedicated literature review of nearly 200 documents. This Profile has been revised by several international experts and shelter and housing actors in Northwest Syria. It summarizes and disseminates strengths of local construction and practices, including a variety of hazard-resistant practices, considerations about disaster prevention, risk reduction and mitigation measures, environmental impacts, knowledge and experience developed by local communities, etc.



Global Shelter ClusterShelter Cluster Northwest Syria, CRAterre, LabEx AE&CC / ENSAG / Université Grenoble-Alpes, UNHCR.


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