Earthen technologies

RAKOTOMAMONJY, Bakonirina, BARADA, Julieta, ACHENZA, Maddalena, RIVERA VIDAL, Amanda, BACHIR-CHERIF, Tinhinane, 2023. « Earthen technologies ». In : 2023 ISCEAH Webinar Series [en ligne]. Online : ISCEAH-ICOMOS, Disponible sur : < >  (consulté le 25 mars 2024).


The Emerging Professional Working Group (EPWG) together with the five coordinators of the ISCEAH Chairs organize the 2023 Earthen Architectural Heritage Webinar Series. This event presents the work of the International Scientific Committee in Earthen Architectural Heritage of ICOMOS through the five working themes: Siesmic, Technology, Archaeology, Landscape and In-Use.

In each seminar the Chair of the Theme will present the golds and work developed and then an Emerging Professional (EP) will present an experience within the topic of the Theme.
Each webinar will be introduced by ISCEAH President Maddalena Achenza, and moderated by ISCEAH Vicepresident Amanda Rivera Vidal & ISCEAH EP representative Tinhinane Bachir-Cherif.

All videos will be register and uploaded to ISCEAH Youtube Chanel

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