Nile’s Earth 2023 International Conference: proceeding

JOFFROY, Thierry, CROSBY, Tony, GANDREAU, David, HUBERT, Alix, MARCHI, Séverine, SPENCER, Jeffrey (dir.), 2024. Nile’s Earth 2023 International Conference : study and conservation of earthen archaeological sites in ancient Egyt and Sudan, 4-5-6 July 2023. Proceedings. Villefontaine : CRAterre. 237 p. ISBN 979-10-96446-52-0.

The highly significant and invaluable earthen heritage of the ancient Nile Valley is under increasing threat, specifically as a result of current climate and ecological changes. Thus it is today recognized that specific solutions are needed to effectively preserve the earthen assets present on most Egyptian and Sudanese archaeological sites. In this context, the ANR Nile’s Earth project aims at contributing to this quest by exploring the potential of multidisciplinary approaches for a better identification and knowledge of these earthen archaeological remains, the assessment of their state of conservation, and the definition of adapted and sustainable conservation methods and techniques. The assumption is that, to be relevant, conservation protocols must rely on a thorough knowledge of ancient building techniques and materials, as well as the original building culture. Being one of the main activities of this project, the Nile’s Earth 2023 International Conference aimed at stimulating an international debate towards better characterizing the earthen architecture of the ancient Nile Valley. It also aimed at better identifying needs and exploring relevant methodologies and solutions to meet the growing demand for adequate conservation and enhancement of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeological sites, in accordance with international recommendations.

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